Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quick Post... Major Flooding!

First off, thanks for the nice comments from the previous post and emails. We really appreciate the kind words. We not only cover severe weather because it is our job, but also because we want people to be safe.

My voice is almost gone, so bear with me today. I'm battling the "crud" like a lot of folks!

We have a serious problem going on in northern Region 8 right now. Here are some of the notes that Bob Snell just passed to me:

-Two missing... Feared dead in Sharp County from flooding
-Over 2 Dozen have been rescued from trees!
-mandatory evacuations for everyone along the Spring River... and the 11 Point River...
-Black River being watched closely!!!
-All RV and campgrounds flooded along rivers.
-Highway 63 has been reopened now, but Highway 58 is flooded and closed.

Please keep these people in your prayers... The water is heading downstream and this problem could spread.


(picture taken by Lisa Malone in Neelyville Missouri)


nana & poppy said...

Sound like you have had your hands full in Paragould. Been watching the weather and hope you all are ok. Heard winds are 60 miles or more, sounds like hurricane winds. Take care of yourself, your town is supporting you. Stay in and stay dry. We will pray for the people, and the weather there. Hope things let up soon.

Wander said...

Ryan, you and Chris did an excellent job yesterday afternoon and through the late evening. Many thanks to you K8 people for keeping us informed and safe!

Diane said...

Ryan, I'm a blogging friend of your sister, Jenn's, and a faithful reader of your blog. I was born and raised in Trumann and live in Bay now.

I want to add my thanks to those who've already commented for your coverage of the weather yesterday and into the night. Y'all did a great job, all of you. You'll never hear me complain about you covering the weather and not showing the regular programming. The ones who call in and complain have obviously never been in a tornado. I well remember the Jonesboro tornadoes of 1968 and 1973, not to mention all the others since then, the latest being Marmaduke this spring.

Great job, Ryan, and I hope you feel better soon. Jenn says she's coming to visit soon, after Glen's knee is healed a bit more. We're going to try to meet while she's in Jonesboro visiting you.

Brian Tritch said...

Ryan, You, Chris and Sara all did a wonderful job on the weather situation yesterday. Like I told you before, I'm on the Marmaduke Fire Department and since we have been hit once we were on EXTREMELY HIGH ALERT and once you and chris started talking about a torando around oak grove that was set to hit in about 22 minutes. we were going to set the siren off but for some reason it was dead. We all got in our cars and had to do it the hard way. anyways, we were all safe thanks to you and your crew! Thanks for the early warning and the great work! Hope you start feeling better soon! It's supposed to storm again Thursday! HA HA, Anyways, Take Care,

Stacy said...

I could tell from national radar views that y'all were having a doozy of a time. I'm glad to hear that you're OK but so sad for all the other tragedies - lost property and fear of lost lives. Terrible.

Hang in there! I know you are appreciated by your viewers!

The Kersey`s said...

Ryan, no way can I tell you how much you and your weather team appreciated..... I watched your news thru the whole storm era ,well almost...finally got so tired i fell asleep. Hubby and friends here in corning kept make town rounds to see water height, and took pics......*sigh* but we could not figure how to get pics to my computer from his cell phone.
So happy this latest weather seige seems to be abating.