Thursday, September 21, 2006

Severe Weather

This is my third post in an hour... but I wanted to tell you to be on guard Friday and Saturday. The threat for severe does exist. Below is the current look at the severe weather outlook and latest watches. Tomorrow and Saturday are typically my days off, but there is a good chance that you will see me on the the TV. Blog posts may be limited until Sunday. Here are some links to check on the severe weather:

Convective Outlook
Latest Watches and Warnings
Latest "Mesoscale Discussions"


Johnny said...

Dear Mr. Vaughn,
Thanks to you and your crew for keeping us updated on the storms that came thru Friday night. You did a
through job and we here in my house
felt more comfortable knowing you were on top of things. Again my thanks to you and the people at KAIT for your
wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

I just want to "THANK YOU" and Chris Castleman and the rest of the KAIT8 Storm Team and reporters for such an outstanding job you all did on Friday. I know it was a long day for you and especially Chris. I followed you both all day long and up untill 11:15p.m. I live in Caraway, but me and my daughters were staying all night in Lepanto with my parents. My alma mater of EPC was playing football at Piggot last night, and after you issued a Tornado warning for Clay county, I called the tv station and talked to someone, ( have no clue who it was) and told them that they needed to let people at that Piggot ballgame know what was close to them. I cannot Thank you all enough for the great job you all did yesterday and last night. I know you and especially Chris was extremely tired. I have beenwatching KAIT8 this morning and have heard you talking about the flooding going up around Hardy. Now, I need a little help. My husband and uncle drive a truck and they will be coming home to Caraway this evening. They usually come through West Plains, MO and Thayer, MO and then through Mammoth Springs and Hardy and Hwy. 63 to Caraway. If any of you know a different route they can take so they can bypass all of that, I would be greatly appreciative of it. Again, I just want to "THANK YOU" all again for the wonderful job and the long hours you put in yesterday. It made me feel alot better watching you and tracking the storms on tv. Have a great day.

A devoted KAIT8 watcher,
Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you all did last night covering the severe weather. It is so good to know that we get accurate and up to date weather info.

It was obvious that both you and Chris were extremely tired and very obvious that you were sick!! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

God Bless you!