Sunday, September 10, 2006

Still Summer

We got a nice little preview to Fall last week, but it got warm enough this weekend to pull the sprinklers out again! As you can see, my youngest son was having a good time while I just sat back and relaxed! My other boy was around somewhere... He kept riding his bike in and out of the sprinkler.

Before you know it, we'll be putting the sprinklers away for the year! Bring it on! I'm ready to go sledding!!! LOL Big thanks to my neighbor, Greg, who came by to take the picture to email to me.

Take care,

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Stacy said...

We had a really nice day of swimming on Friday ourselves. Like you said, summer ain't quite over yet! And that's JUST FINE with me!

Of course, if we got REAL snow here in Alabama, I might find the upcoming months more enjoyable but cold without a winter wonderland is just plain ol' miserable!

Have a great week!