Thursday, September 07, 2006


I accidentally took a double dose of my allergy medicine today. I thought I was suppose to take two pills instead of one! I have been tired and grumpy all day! I've also been spacing out all day. Ugh!

Once I figured out that I had double-dosed, I got scared about the side effects of overdosing on Zyrtec D after reading more about the drug online! I'm such a worry-wart!

So, did I look "spaced out" tonight? I sure did feel "spaced out"... I will make SURE to always take the right dose from now on... I may not even take Zyrtec D again! Ugh~~~

It could have been worse though. I could have had a roach crawl up my leg like this guy! Sheesh!

I'm going bed!
Good night,


Pam said...

Your so funny!

Hoyt Andres said...

Ryan -

Watch out when you take medicine. You are an "on-air" person and can't afford to be tired and grumpy all day!

This advice from a former TV GM that is now leading the "good life" as a retiree in the North Carolina mountains.

Graciejo said...

I thought you only make THAT face when I'm at your house. Your loving mother-in-law.....Graciejo

Andrew said...

Well I didn't get to watch lastnight, but from the face you were making in the still picture you posted...WOW

Now Ryan, if a roach came walking across the set please tell us that you wouldnt dance around screaming, and that you would just stomp on it....

Stacy said...

You have GOT to get in touch with me about non-drug (i.e. natural) alternatives to those nasty allergies. I am LIVING PROOF! I could have sworn that one day I'd end up getting weekly allergy shots but because of being pregnant and breastfeeding all the time, I never pursued it. After baby #3, I had lots of health problems that sent me scrambling for help. Because of being a nursing Mom, I only pursued natural and WOULD YOU BELIEVE that the changes I made in my life actually completely rid me of my allergies! That baby #3 is now 6 years old and I STILL don't have allergies!

Seriously, you need to call/email me if you wanna stay sane on-air AND feel better ALL the time.


"The Glenifer" said...

Darn! The cockroach video is "no longer available", and Glen wanted to see it. If you can find it somewhere else, let me know. It was hilarious!

So is that picture of you, BTW. It looks like you smell something stinky.

Ami said...

Hey Ryan! Sorry to hear about your almost OD. As a former pharmacy technician I would stear clear of "Stacy". She sounds like she is trying to sell you something. The problem with natural remedies, they are not FDA regulated and most of the time are NOT effective (ie glucosamine condroiton and echinacia) both of which were just proven ineffective. Stick with what works for you and what has been proven safe and effective. Just from now on really pay attention to the directions that is why the pharmacist puts them on there. Love ya!

"The Glenifer" said...

Here's a link that still works:

The Weatherman vs. The Cockroach on Transbuddha