Friday, October 13, 2006

Cold Facts

Let's talk about some cold facts... When can we expect "freezing" temperatures? We were really close last night with a low of 36, but the "official" freeze will come soon. On average our first freeze is November 2nd. the earliest we have ever had a freeze was October 7, 1952. The latest we ever had our first freeze was December 14, 1901! That was a long time ago... It's hard to sell the "Global Warming" theory, isn't it! Ha!

Anywho, for you weather geeks out there... Here's the latest newsletter from the National Weather Service in Memphis. They handle the warnings for Jonesboro.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Is there a print edition of the newsletter, It'd be pretty convienient to recieve a print edition everytime one was released.

"The Glenifer" said...

We had our first frost last night here in the 'Boro. It was a pretty thick one, too.

The elephant ears are toast. :(