Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally... The Discipline Blog.

OK... I've got ten minutes before the newscast, so I'll make this fast. Simply put, the world has a discipline problem when it comes to kids. Parents are trying too hard to be "Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy" and are failing at raising their children.

Here's a true story... Last week, my wife and two boys decide to go visit the new Chick-fil-a. When we sit down and start arranging our food, I notice a little boy running up to our table. He runs up, looks at me and snatches some fries from my wife! His mother is looking right at him. He does not get in trouble and we do not get an apology. At first, I thought that this was not "really" a big deal until I see a trend. The kid then goes into the playroom and starts acting bratty with my boys. Next, he tries to shove the door into another mother (twice).... Then, he hits his mother when she FINALLY starts to discipline him. I should add that while she was getting on to him, she was kissing him. It was really weird.

We also saw another mother "ask" their kid if they wanted to eat. The kid said no and continued playing on the playground.

My kids are not perfect, but please! Discipline your kids!!!!! I'm not saying that you beat them, but you are not doing them a favor by letting them act like brats.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that! That sounds like some friends of mine. They aren't consistent disciplinarians. It makes it really hard to be around them when they don't discipline when needed. So, if you think you fall in this category, think twice. You may be running your friends off.

Graciejo said...

I see this sort of discipline(?) all over the place. Parents are not wanting to make little precious mad at them, or they are wanting to be their childs best friend or whatever their excuse is. Children need discipline as much as they need love, it goes hand in hand. Children don't need more friends, they need parents. It works better that way. When I see discipline(?) like this I wonder what little precious will be doing in 10, 15, 20 years........

Stacy said...

Heh, unruly kids at CFA? I can't imagine! LOL

We desperately try to eat at this favorite restaurant of ours whenever the crowds are small because it NEVER FAILS that BRATS will be there. And I have no problem whatsoever speaking to a child whenever the Mom isn't doing the job AND it affects my children. I'm not ugly (because discipline doesn't have to be) but I will step up to the plate of an unruly child becomes a pain (and sometimes a physical one) towards my children.

But I try to do it with a smile on my face :) Discipline with kindness and mercy can go a long way.

Dave (Paragould) said...

It seems to be more difficult to discipline your kids these days. I find that when mine are out of control and I have to get on to them I always have the few people who can't seem to 'mind their own business' in the background making snide remarks. Its hard to try to get your kids to fly right and keep them on the straight and narrow when all an anonymous individual has to do is contact DCFS (or whatever they call themselves these days) and report abuse. I know...its happened to me, and all I was doing is slapping his hand for grabbing stuff off the shelves! This needless intervention needs a little thought before picking up the cell and saying someone's getting abused. I had my share of spankings growing up...and I wish they'd spanked me more often to get a few points through my head.