Friday, October 20, 2006

Small World

As I mentioned earlier, I returned from the National Weather Association conference yesterday. After looking through the handful of pictures I took, I noticed that the broadcast meteorology world is really, really small. Let me explain with 2 pictures... Some of you will recognize some of the names and/or faces:

First, here's my former Chief Meteorologist from WSFA, Rich Thomas. In this picture, he is working alongside one my best friends from college, Jude Redfield, at Weather Central training session.

Next, we have a LONG chain of connections... The guy on the far left is Brad Travis of WAFF. WAFF is a sister station of KAIT within Raycom Media. Brad also worked with Craig Rickert of KAIT. Brad Travis is also the competition of the next guy, James-Paul Dice of WHNT. Here's where it gets REAL fun... James-Paul's boss is my former New Director from WSFA. Her name is Denise Vickers and you may remember her from some of my older blogs. James-Paul also has a KAIT connection! The weekend meteorologist at WHNT is Spencer Denton who used to be at KAIT. In fact, Spencer filled the opening I vacated when I left KAIT back in 2002... And it gets better! The next guy is Chad Watson. Chad was Chief Meteorologist at KAIT before I returned. He is now in Charleston, SC at WCSC. Chad also use to work with James-Paul at WHNT and with Spencer Denton at KAIT. The lady beside Chad is his fiance. Small world, huh!?!

Weird stuff, huh! (Note to self... Don't burn bridges)



Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but I think I would have to have said something to the mother when the child came and took fries off MY table. It is different when it is your own kids, but come on, a total stranger. There are so many GERMS going around now a days and I think I would have had to have asked the mother to buy me another order of fries. We were out of town the other weekend and every resturant we went to, we sat next to a crying kid cause they couldn't have the silverware to play with. I know this will happen, it happened with my own kids, but there comes a time when you will have to talk to them and tell them NOT to act like that. They have to start some time and the earlier the better. Some kids now a day get by with way to much. When they get older and they can't control them they won't be able to figure out what went wrong. Maybe i have said to much, but that's the way i feel.

Anonymous said...

six degrees.......and yes it is a very small world

Stacy said...

Something about those pictures reminds me of the Weekend Convention episode on "The Office" just a few weeks ago! LOL

Birds of a feather flock together!

The WEIRD thing is how many of y'all love weather! LOL (That's for the "Bama" comment on my blog!)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back from Cleveland, I don't like that place either

What is the long story about getting stuck in the mud Friday night? That would probably make for a very good blog entry!!!!!

I have a niece who goes to school at Strawberry, she loved your presentation Friday!!!

Keep up the wonderful work!!