Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holiday Re-Cap

We had a great holiday weekend. We were really rushed on Thanksgiving because we had to go to my mom's, then to Jenn's mom's, then to my dad's, then to Jenn's aunt and uncle's, then to her other aunt's.... The above shot is my family. From left to right, we have my sister, then brother-in-law, then dad, then stepmom, my youngest son, my wife, my oldest sone, then me. After we went to everyone's house, we got a big group (of family) and went to Opryland to see the Christmas lights. Here are the shots we got...

This first one is my oldest son acting goofy in front of the lights....

This second one is both of our boys.... We're trying to get some good Christmas pictures. (Easier said than done...)

This is one of my favorite pictures. How do they get lights on every twig!!!

This last one is of the big tree in the front of the Hotel. It's quite a site!

If you have never been to Opryland during the Christmas season, then I strongly encourage you to go! They have things to see inside and out. Here is a little clip showing you the finale of the water-light show inside...

Lastly... We have some wintry weather in the forecast this week. I'll blog about that tomorrow! Have a great night!

PS- There was a lot more to blog about, including our exchanging of gifts with Jenn's parents, but I would be here typing forever... so I held back! I hope you enjoyed the pics though... It was a great 4-day weekend! By the way, I also got baptized today!!



Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving holiday, Ryan. I love the picture of the boys in front of the trees. That would make a good Christmas card. :-)

Congratulations on your baptism. You'll never regret it.

And I noticed Jenn (your sister, not your wife!) got her hair cut since I saw her last. Looks good, Jenn! :-)

Graciejo said...

What a great time we had. How many miles did we trek through Opryland? It was ALL worth it, bad knees and all. I thought the little boys had the most fun, until I watched the clip, listen to the big boys. LOL!!!

Aunt Faye said...

Love the family picture. You guys were really busy over the holidays. I really enjoyed you guys coming by. I love to watch the boys get all excited over Uncle Mike's cars. Love the pictures from Opryland. I heard that the little boys loved ALL the lights, I also think the big KIDS enjoyed themselves also. It is always great seeing you guys. The boys are getting so big. Love you guys.

Glenn and Jennifer Jill it was good seeing you guys too.