Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sloan-Hendrix Visit

I had a great time at Sloan-Hendrix Elementary today. The kids were very polite and I always enjoy driving up 63/412 toward Imboden. Above is a picture of the entire 6th grade. We talked about weather safety, tornado safe spots, looked at the Wood Ford StormTRACKER, and we did a few Science experiments. Below is a video clip of what happens when you fill an aluminum can with water vapor (by boiling a small bit or water) and then dropping it upside down into cold water... It implodes! WoOhOo.....

I'm also adding a clip of the kids saying "howdy" to all of you at home. Enjoy Parents!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

PS- They have a great website for the school! Click here to see!

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Andrew said...

Do you think you can add the Talk to the Troops Citizen Blog to your other blog section. I have noticed that it has only had 1 post in September and 2 in November. Its sad that something that means so much to people is getting used so little.