Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Losing a Leader...

Hey everyone, the sun is shining!!!! I haven't seen that dude in a few days. Anywho, when you think of a "leader", who pops in your head? Is it the President (stop laughing)? Is it your boss? Father? Husband? Pastor? There are many "leaders" in the world that guide a group, country, business, etc.

Well, we're losing a leader at our Church. Our pastor is leaving to go to First Baptist of Cabot. Am I mad? No way! I think it is a great for him, his family, and especially FBC Cabot. From what I understand, they really need him right now.

Some members said they are "disappointed" and I suppose I was a little disappointed. It's more understandable when a pastor leaves in the middle of turmoil, but when a pastor leaves when everything is great... it comes as a shock. Things are going very well at our Church right now. God moves his people around to where they are needed and I fully understand that. Pastor Greg is a great pastor and really needs to be heard by more people in the world. Some of you might go to my church and others might have seen him on TV. I'm sure you'll agree that he was a great pastor, but we'll move on.

When we lose a great president, the country moves on. When you lose a great boss, the company moves on. I'm sure we will be fine too. The Pastor is leaving... but, God is still there.

I wish him, his family, and First Baptist of Cabot the best! I'm sure they will be blessed down there!

Any pastors need a job out there? :)


nana said...

I think your father-in-law is looking.

Anonymous said...

I think your comment about the President was disrespectful. All of us should respect him and his office, even if you don't agree with him. I think comments like yours only lead to more disrespect from people - you are leading the way with your "stop laughting" comment.

Beth Johnson

Ryan said...


It was a joke. I voted for President Bush twice and would do it again if I had to vote today. I respect him and his office, but he's an easy target for jokes! Ask my boss... I am a VERY vocal Republican and Bush fan in our newsroom. Once again, it was a joke.

Anonymous said...


So sorry to hear that your pastor is leaving. We have recently gone through that also at our church and it is hard.
As for your joke, it was good!! And to Beth, that is why we live in the USA - it is called freedom of speech and opinions !!!!

Keep up the good jokes!