Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blooper... From Last Week

I forgot to post this blooper last week. When I was on the THE FOX Friday morning, Trey reminded me post it. Let me set up the clip for you... I came over to the news desk from the weather center to do the "weather tease" (as we call it.) I get there and there is no chair! I tried to get the chair on the other side of Craig, but there was no video in the previous story. I didn't want to walk behind him on camera because that would have looked goofy too! So, this is what happened:


Andrew said...

That was funny that night, I got a good laugh out of it and a "be quiet I'm trying to sleep" out of my wife.
Lets see, in the past 2 months is has been "night time hunters", "the Blue Screen of Death" and now "the Missing Chair" one can only wonder what will be next.

Stacy said...

Heh :)

Anonymous said...

"Dude, where's my chair?"