Monday, April 30, 2007

Rain For The Grass?

Hopefully my sod will be in place before the rain comes. The above image is the "Overview" window of the BUFKIT program using the GFS model from this evening. If you click the image to enlarge, you can get an idea or trend in the forecast.

I marked three things on this image... temperature, cloud cover, and rainfall. The timestamp goes from right to left. According to the GFS, we will see showers and storms starting Wednesday morning until the weekend. The GFS shows us getting over 2.5" of rain this week! The sod would love that! I will add that the NAM model is not as impressive with the rain totals.

The HPC thinks we will see close to an inch... We'll see. Right now, I'm thinking 1-1.5" of rain Wed-Fri. Let's see if that pans out!

Plant the cotton farmers! You have2 days!!!

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