Sunday, April 29, 2007

Clocks Don't Control The Sun!!!

I love it when people think that the "clock" controls the sun. Poor Connie from Hot Springs, AR wrote this letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago... Poor Connie! (click image to enlarge)

The paper should have not even published it. Other people may believe her! In case you are one of them... There was not an extra hour of sunshine added to the day! That's impossible!!!

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Anonymous said...

THAT is hilarious. It's also actually pretty reckless of the newspaper to have printed it. Either that, or evidence that whomever is in charge of thinking about what makes it to print either can't or doesn't.

Vicki Lemonds said...

From what I understand, the woman who wrote the letter wrote it as a joke. So she doesn't REALLY think that. She was probably like me and poking fun at Congress for their silly assumption that extending Daylight Saving Time would make people use less electricity. *rolling eyes*

Though somebody should have probably told the newspaper it was a joke. *g*

I loved how the paper also spelled "warMing" as "warNing". LOL!

Stacy said...



I really feel bad that Connie's last name is published and that it's such a unique name. I agree that the paper probably should not have published it.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! If that lady meant it as a joke, she missed her day by about 17, since April 1st would have been the one to do it on. This reads like she believes it! :-O