Saturday, April 28, 2007

Under Construction

The total yard reconstruction began this morning at my house. The tractors have started working the soil and hopefully it will be leveled today, too. We are putting sod in the front yard and seeding the back yard. I'm going with Bermuda grass in the front and Kentucky 31 Fescue seed in the back.
We are going with Fescue in the back so that it will grow faster. (I also like it better.) I know that it will need more water, but having a weed-free Fescue yard is awesome to play on! My boys will love it! In the meantime though... The yard will be off limits. We are leaving a small area for them to play on and we hope to have the yard established in 4 weeks in the back.
Yay for grass!

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Graciejo said...

I bet the boys loved having a tractor in the yard!