Monday, May 21, 2007

Is That You, Woody?

One of our K8 Weather Watchers sent these pictures today. Heidi Farrar of Franklin, AR may be one of the best photographers in the area. If you watch the news, you have probably seen some of her pictures. Here' the email that she sent with the pictures:
I know, I know ... these aren't especially weather-related, but I wanted to show off our new lens (80-400 mm). This pileated woodpecker showed up in our back yard this morning, so what a better way to try it out, huh? (These are the guys that look a lot like the ivory-billed, you'll recall. And it's pronounced as either PILL-E-ate-ed (with a short "i" sound) or PY-LE-ate-ed (long "i"), in case you were wondering .) They are fairly common in the Ozarks; this one was after carpenter ants that are devouring the guts of our box elder tree.
Before I put these pictures on-air, my Assistant News Director and I had a discussion about how you say Pileated Woodpecker. Is it PIE-lee-ay-tid or PILL-ee-ay-tid or both? He said "Pie" and I said "Pill"... Well, according to Dr. Language and Heidi... we were both right. AND, as Dr. Language points out... Who cares? The bird doesn't!
Anywho, enjoy the pictures!

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Heidi said...

That's funny, Ryan, cause I almost put some kind of Woody Woodpecker reference in the subject of the email! :D -- I got a picture of an anerythristic bluebird today too ... That was big news around our house, but I didn't think the whole of Region-8 viewers would appreciate it very much -zzzzzzzz (and besides which, it's not THAT great of a photo anyhow). But I'm leaving it up to your Dr. Lauguage to tell you how to say anerythristic, though!