Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For The NASCAR Fans...

Let's take a break from weather and chat about NASCAR for a moment. Craig Rickert and I are were talking about Dale Earnhardt Jr's options, now that he is leaving DEI. For those that don't know the story...click here.

Here's my opinion. I think Dale Jr. will go race for Richard Childress, who was the man his daddy raced for before he died. Childress racing owns the right to race the #3 car. (Do you follow where I am going with this???) Yep, that's what I'm saying! I think the #3 car will be back on the track again. It will be black, too.

Let me explain. Budweiser wants to continue sponsoring Junior. Budweiser has a relatively new beer called "Budweiser Select". It's label is black.... hmmm, just like the old #3 car!

I know all of this is far fetched, but let's sit back and see if I am right. If I am right, the car may look a little like the one above... ;)

Maybe Tony Stewart is right. Maybe this is like wrestling. It's all fake. It all has a plot. It's all dramatic enough to watch!

Have a great night!


Jason H said...

Ryan, I am not a big Dale Jr. fan, but I think you are right on the money man !!! He will go to R.C., and I bet he will be in a BLACK/RED car.

Graciejo said...

And what does Shad think about all this?