Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weather Guy Has Fun With "Bench Cam"

One of my fellow bloggers has started something that may blossom into something huge! Eric Sorensen from WREX mentioned on the 5:00 news that it would neat for people to come sit on the bench that was in the view of his SkyCam... The rest is self-explanatory.

Maybe we need a group of people to start going to the Pavilion each night! Here's Eric's clip... enjoy! (By the way, Eric's Blog is always on the left side of my page)


Heidi said...

That is VERY fun, BUT ... it begs the obvious question of "How long before someone goes and ruins it for everbody else?" You just know that there has to be a few maniacs out there who are now jumping at their chance to take things too far. But until that (hopefully never) happens, it's pretty cool! :D

13 Weather Team said...

Heidi: I agree. We thought about all of the things that could go wrong before hand. Our director was ready to punch up the weather computer should any riff-raff had happened. We may make it part of the 6pm report since there's less of a chance of the crazies being there on that downtown street then. I can't wait to see K8's version of "Bench Cam." Ryan?

Take care!

Eric Sorensen
Chief Meteorologist