Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back In 1980

This heat wave that we are currently experiencing is NOTHING compared to the heat wave that we had in the Summer of 1980. The documents above are weather observations from July of 1980 from the Cooperative Weather Observers of Paragould and Jonesboro. You can click on the images to make them larger.

As you can see, it was MUCH Warmer than what we are seeing now! In fact, the 1980 heat wave was one of the worst events ever in Arkansas.

It got a little better in August, but not much. Below are the weather observations from Jonesboro and Paragould from August of 1980.
After reviewing these numbers, I will not complain about the weather anymore!

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Diane J. said...

I was 16 years old that summer and chopped cotton in all that heat to have money for my school clothes. I well remember that summer!

Also, the winters of 78-79, 79-80 and those summers were some of the most severe ever for this area. They were very extreme in frigid cold, ice and snow, and in extreme heat and drought for the summers.

Check out the winters for those years!

Diane from Bay, Arkansas

David said...

They should have had that information on Oprah yesterday w/Al Gore's huh?

Jason H said...

My dad always tells me every summer...."Man, nothing will ever compare to the summer of 1980". He even said a tee-shirt company in Texas came out with a shirt that fall that said" I survived the summer of 1980" on front of it.Now I really Believe him :-0!!! What was the Avg high, 100 ?

Also I recall back in the winter of 93' or 94' Randolph county recieved over 15-20" of snow in a single storm. It was crazy. Ryan do you happen to have any maps or information on that storm ?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe your weather page temps do not give the heat index!