Friday, August 10, 2007

Taking Time Off From The Heat!

I've been off work for a couple of days. We didn't go out of town or anything, I just wanted to take some time off during the heatwave! Unfortunately, it will still be ongoing when I return to work on Sunday! ARGH!!!

Anywho, I have been looking at some data to see when it will end. Right now, it looks like we will have several more days of heat. If I had to venture out and nail down a time that we will see some relief, I would have to say next weekend. It looks like the monster Upper-Level High will break down a little by late-week and a "cool" front will slide through. The rainfall does not look impressive though...We'll see.

If you can take some time off from work, go find a pool. That's what I have been doing!

Take care,


James' Mom said...

Don't forget to watch for the meteor shower this weekend!

a semi-heat exhausted Heidi Farrar said...

The Cave City Watermelon Festival was BRUTAL this morning - it was 102 on my car thermometer AT 11:45!!! I'm thinking the actual temp was probably more like, oh, 98-99, since we all know those car thermometers are about like bank thermometers when they've been baking in the sun, but, IT WAS 11:45!!!!