Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cleaning Up & Messing Up

First off, I ended up contacting the corporate offices of the restaurant I wrote about last week. The owner called me back the next day and promised that the situation was being resolved. If you ever have an issue at any of the local fast food restaurants, call the health department and call the corporate offices of the establishment. That's my 2¢.

I am sticking by my word and will not go into the restaurant until I hear that it is cleaner. For those of you that know the restaurant I was talking about... keep me posted, if you go in there!

Secondly, while restaurants are cleaning up, the tropics are about to start to "mess up." We have several storms out there now. I'm going to add some links on the right side of the page to get more info.

Take care,

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Anonymous said...

Ryan, many folks down here originals of rockford......Been having bad power out storms up there of late and its just setting in to another dance of the demons. Seriously- remind your folks you have the rockford weather link on right hand side of your blog page, or did i just do it for you? *Smiling*