Monday, August 13, 2007

Storms In Iowa...

I wish we could get some storms here, BUT in the meantime... Here are a couple of shots from some storms in Iowa last night. These pictures were sent to KCCI last night. I think they would be cool for desktop wallpaper! Click them to enlarge. When they enlarge, right click to set as background.
In other weather news, we now have TD #4 in the Atlantic. We'll chat about that tonight on the news AND you can catch the weathercast on theright side of this page. It takes a little time to load up, but be patient! It may load faster if you "launch in external player."

Take care,


David said...

We should be there chasing storms man! Me, you and the not for sale puppy!

Hot Earthling said...

I am like soooo jealous of Iowans.

Heidi Farrar longs for sweet corn said...

I'd have loved to have had my wide-angle lens on those striations.

I guess this goes to show that a MCS isn't necessarily just a boring blob ... although, I'm thinking that Iowans probably get pretty tired of having a MCS 5 out of 7 days every week from mid-July through August... (yawn).

Geez, they have all the corn AND all the rain. I mean, they could share. (sniff)

Rachel said...

those clouds are amazing.

Its hot. the end.

Anonymous said...

Wish we had some of that rain!! BTW, why did you remove the Arkansas TV news blog from you links?