Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fair And Balanced

In regards to the post below, it appears that NASA did make a mistake. The Earth may not be warming as much as we previously thought. It's only a fraction of a degree, but according to Al Gore, a fraction a degree means everything... right?

Anywho, here is Dr. Hansen (NASA) admitting the error and his take on the subject. CLICK HERE.

I'm not sure what I take away from these new findings. On one hand, I think it is just a tenth of a degree and it is no big deal. However, the entire (man-made) Global Warming theory is based on a fraction of a degree.

It also makes me wonder how much "error" is there in science. Back in the 1970s, we thought that the next ice age was around the corner. Then "Global Warming" started scaring everyone to death. Now, we found out that it is not as bad as we previously thought.

Oh well,


Anonymous said...

Laughing....Aaaaw com`n Ryan, man has been trying to upsurp gods power since the begins of time.and everyone seems to have joined the bandwagon of promoting fear these days. Me, I prefer projecting beauty,music,and a positive image for laughter to offset the glooms.

Hot Earthling said...

Oh, jeez. Hannity's gonna have a blast with the relevation of this mistake.

But, this shouldn't be a political issue. We ALL call Earth home.

God made mankind the steward of this planet, and we should take care to make sure we don't fall short of our responsibilities.

Maybe humans are not causing the Earth to warm, but there's no way the things we've been doing since the industrial revolution aren't having some negative effect on our planet. That's just common sense!

We need accurate data about things like pollution and warming, not BS. The NASA people who screwed this up should be ashamed of their sloppiness.

I just hope this doesn't become an excuse to dismiss all environmental concerns.