Sunday, August 26, 2007

When In "Drought", Leave It Out...

I once heard a fellow meteorologist say this when referring to forecasting rain: "When in Drought, Leave It Out." That means that if you are in a drought, leave the rain chances out of the forecast.

It seems that dry, hot weather helps promote MORE dry and hot weather. In other words, we need a good drought-busting rainfall! I have rain chance in the forecast later this week, but with each nugget of data that comes in... I feel less optimistic! Argh! I'm not even completely sold on the high temperatures going below 90°.

The above image is the US Drought Index. As you can see, we are in a bad drought situation. While it is bad here, it is even worse in Tennessee. I was there visiting family this weekend and the beans, cotton, and corn look horrible! MUCH worse than here! So, it could be much worse!!!

Anywho, here are a few more facts that I will be sharing on-air tomorrow about this August so far:

-Average High this month: 98.4°
-Seven 100°+ degree days (Average 1.5)
-Saturday Was the first day below 95° this month (91°)
-Tomorrow SHOULD be the first morning in the 60s since July 26th (31 days)
-No 1.00” rainfall in Jonesboro since July 28 (1.58“) (July 1st prior to that)
-Only a TRACE in August at Jonesboro Airport so far
-26 straight days above average (Average high is 89° today)

I'm ready for winter! Are you? Answer the poll on the right side of the page...

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Anonymous said...

Never thought when came to summer I`d say ENOUGH, but seems so many suffering from humidity probs. I`m ready "Enough is Enough!
Seems when that barometer hits a certain stage "Old Uncle Arthur"
says: Got Ya! and the pain dance is on!
Tell me Ryan is this a truth or not,
Sure seems to follow same pattern year after year.

graciejo said...

I have the same problem. Mine started about 8 years ago before I even knew I had artritis. I do notice a specific pattern. I thought it was just MY knees, lol.
Ok Ryan, research this and fill us in....

Jason H said...

Ryan, I think that will be the most lopsided poll you have done. I love summer, don't get me wrong but, hot/dry days for a long period of time puts people in very bad moods. Weather has alot more to do with the way people feel than most relize.

Heidi really likes mayo said...

I'm not voting in the poll because "Mayonnaise" is not one of the choices.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see that they FINALLY put the northern part of Mississippi county in the extreme drought conditions. We have not had rain in Gosnell since July 1. Let's see, that's 58 days!!!!