Saturday, September 15, 2007

Forecast Was Right On!

Well, the forecast panned out! It was dry across Region 8! I emailed our weather watcher, Heidi Farrar in Franklin, AR to makes sure it was not raining. The radar was trying to show some moisture in that direction, but it was just some clouds. The moisture was not reaching the ground. The echoes on radar had more bark than bite!

Here are some pictures that she took of the moisture being gobbled up by the dry air that is in place. As always, these were some great pictures!

Didn't it feel GREAT today! Don't get use to it... We're going to be close to 90 by mid-week.

Take care,


Heidi says you heard it here first said...

ASU 45
SMU 28

Minor detail! :D

Now it's time to DOMINATE in Knoxville! (Ha-ha!)

Anonymous said...

YeeHaaaw, news great for you football lovers, aaaah, but Heidi`s photography sure tripped my trigger with dusty road view!
Wonder if she`d allow its usage on a poem page......

Tiffany said...

I was rooting for you all along. You shouldn't doubt yourself so much. Those pictures where great. Now if you could just get the great cool weather to say, I would be your #1 fan. Keep up the good work. Go ASU!!!