Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Humberto & Region 8

It appears that Tropical Storm Humberto will have more of an impact on Region 8 than previously thought. As you see in the above image, several computer models have the center of the low pressure moving just to our south. We have had to increase the rain chances from 20% to 40% on Friday. Don't worry, a cold front will clear us out on Friday night and will leave us with GREAT weather on Saturday. The A-State game looks good!

Speaking of Tropical Systems, we now have the technology to show live hurricane hunter data as it comes in from the aircraft. KAIT was the first station in the US to test this new technology when it was in it's "Alpha" mode. You may have seen me use it during Hurricane Dean a few weeks ago. Our weather technology vendor, Weather Central, is the best out there! Be on the lookout for this new technology during our weathercasts.
Have a great day!

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