Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm Lovin' It!

The rain continues to fall in Jonesboro. The above image is our SkyCam that sits on top of Indian Stadium. If you have not seen any rain yet, you should get some in due time. Below is a look at radar. Pinpoint where you live.... For those of you nin other parts of the country... What's the weather doing where you live?

Take care and be careful on the wet roads. They are a litttle slick and people are sliding around everywhere! I guess people forgot how to drive in the rain!!!


Diane J. said...

I'm in Bay, and finally somebody paid either their preacher or their weather man right!

Did you get a raise recently? ;D

Anonymous said...

I am loving the rain. I heard a man being interviewed earlier that the farmers really didn't need the rain while they were in the middle of getting out their crops, it was only needed for the yards and such. Apparently the man needs to go back to college. There are 100's of farmers in the hills whom need the rain for their pastures for their cows, livestock, and hay.

Anonymous said...

Well, here in Alabama we are back to HOT & DRY-send that rain this way please!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YEEEHAAAW! It rained in Corning,Ar. today.Hope spiraled and AC`s took a break....Now Ryan, is this just a touch of fantasy`s tease, or are we gonna go back to the phase of blistering babes?
Ok,Ok, Grannys........

Karen H. said...

Hey Ryan,

We got some much needed rain here in Caraway yesterday. I'm guessing about 2 inches. We just got another shower a few minutes ago. We have been so dry for so long, that I loves seeing the rain. I have started blogging also, and if you don't care I would like to add your blogsite to my blogsite. Thanks for being such a great weatherman.

Karen H.
Carway, AR