Saturday, September 29, 2007

Return of the 875th

If you were not lined up along the roads, you missed a great moment of patriotism in Region 8! Our soldiers came home!

I had the honor to welcome home the guys LIVE in Paragould early this morning and then I helped escort the 2nd and 3rd round of guys in the Wood Ford StormTRACKER from Bay to the Jonesboro Armory, along with the Triple FM Radio Group. It was awesome!!!

Click here to watch some of the video. If you took pictures, please email them to me at I'd love to see them!

Take care!


James Mom said...

Welcome home 875th! Thanks for your service, and enjoy yourselves now that you're home.

Anonymous said...

YEEEE`HAAAW! I cant get out` but sure was tickled to see the link view on the troops returning to Home Grounds!!!!!
Now `this is what I call
Community Unity!!
Wish the whole country would show the same respect for thier returning defenders of Liberty and Peace!!

nana & poppy said...

Seeing these guys come home was pretty awesome!! Even @ 6:00 in the morning. Great coverage by K8. They were even good enough to schedule their arrivals around Shad's soccer game, which was another great event happening on Sat. Could not have asked for better weather!!

Anonymous said...

I had a friend that came home sat, and was unable to be there. You guys did a great job keeping us informed. Great coverage! Welcome Home Sgt. Doug Wortham and all of the other servicemen and women. We've missed you and we thank you!!