Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mentos Fountain Record Broken

Fellow Meterorologist and former classmate, Jason Lindsey, at our sister-station (KFVS) led the way in breaking a record today! They broke the record for the most Mentos Fountains to be set off at one time! It made for an awesome picture, too!

The Mentos Fountain is a science experiment that I often do at area schools. I would have loved to see over 1000 fountains set off at one time! Here's a link to Jason's blog to see more....

I'll catch up on my blogging this week. It's been very busy lately!

Take care!


Heidi said...

This should have been NATIONAL NEWS!!!!!!!!


nana & poppy said...

This is so cool!!!!!

James' Mom said...

Pure Awesomeness!!!