Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cool Pictures From Yesterday...

Here are some pictures from the storms from yesterday by Heidi Farrar in Franklin, AR:

Here are 2 sunset pictures from Heidi Farrar:

Here's the gust front coming into Oak Grove Heights, AR from Roger Osborne:
Here's a great sunset picture from Nat Hooper in Oxford, AR:
Very cool pictures! Keep them coming! rvaughan@kait8.com


Jason H said...

Very nice Pictures !!!! . I love taking pictures too, I just hadn't had the time.We have been super busy at work. Maybe we wil slow down some, and I can get out and take a few. I am ready for some winter time pictures too !

Anonymous said...


Heidi said...

I'm always happy when someone else from my general area gets photos at around the same time I do. I like to see how things look a few miles away! :D I almost missed (forgot about is more like it) that sunset last night, if it were not for a rainbow in the eastern sky that captured my attention as I looked out the window by our computer table. I actually never got a photo of the rainbow, because as soon as I got out there it was just a WHOA!!!! moment! :D

Sarah gave a nice description of the pileus series on the news last night, too. I thought they were lenticulars at first, but she set me straight! :D

(Oh, and someone asked a while back about using a photo of mine for a poem - no problem, just give credit, if possible, if it's going to appear somewhere publically. :)

Janet said...

The photos are great! Thanks to all the talented photographers that share with the rest of us....I appreciate you!