Thursday, October 04, 2007

First Broken Bone

I knew this day would come, but I did not think it would happen this early!

My oldest son and I were playing soccer today in the front yard. When I kicked the ball toward the goal, he ran ahead to block it. As he went for the ball, he landed on it, rolled over it, and fell down (awkwardly) on his arm. He immediately screamed in pain. My parental instinct knew that something was wrong. As you can see, he broke his arm.

He's been a tough little booger! He even went to cheer on his team at soccer practice after getting his cast. Hopefully he'll be healed up soon and back out on the field with his friends.
It's so sad to watch one of your kids in pain. I felt so sorry for him while he cried in in the front yard. He was still in a lot of pain at the hospital when I left for work, but he was nothing but smiles when I saw him this evening. He must really think the cast is "Cool." He let Daddy be the first person to sign it, too!
Well, it's midnight and I'm ready to go to sleep! It's been a long day....
Take care,


Aunt Sissy said...

Well, I feel better now that I've seen this picture of him cheesing it up. Give him more hugs and kisses from me, and tell him to save a special spot on his cast for P-Sam and me to sign!

graciejo said...

All I have to say to Jenn is.... payback, lol. Sitting in a waiting room waiting to get a cast, hmmmmm how many times did we do that with her.....and we all turned out just fine.
He is a tough little guy, he told me not to worry, he broke it but it didn't fall off his body, lol.
That's my boy!!!!

Anonymous said...

boy... you really do blog everything! glad shad is ok!


shadman said...

reminbds me of my childhood,,, I was in a cast for a year because I broke my arm three different times

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, what a lil champ!!!

nana & poppy said...

We were all really scared it was broken and then...yes it was. Poppy has had plenty of experience with broken bones on children,Jennifer what were you telling Shad last night? He really is tough,and did a great job at the Dr. office and a trip to mickey D's will help boost any spirit.

Heidi said...

That's some serious stuff! 8-O But with that big ol' cast stretching way up past his elbow, he ought to have all kinds of room for autographs!

Mom/Meemaw said...

He's such a brave little child;
the photo of him smiling makes
this news way more bearable.
I will be signing his little
cast next week...and save me
a place,too.
Lotsa Love,MeeMaw