Friday, October 19, 2007

Here it is...

Here's the funny story. It may not be as funny to you guys, but that's ok. Before the severe weather arrived, I sent an email to the staff of KAIT. The email outlined the threat of severe weather so that everyone was prepared... in case we saw bad weather.

Apparently, someone decided to forward it to some folks outside of the station. By the end of the day, my email had been sent out to most of Northeast Arkansas. I didn't cuss in the email or talk bad about anyone, but I may have said a few things that I would not say to the general public. I try not to scare anyone while I'm on TV, but I do tell the staff the worst case scenarios when I send these emails out. This allows everyone to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

By the end of the day, almost every businessman, city official, fireman, and policeman had a copy. I had all kinds of people calling and emailing me about the email... SOOOO, I now have this disclaimer on my emails:

This e-mail is intended solely for the addressee. If you are not the addressee please do not read, print, re-transmit, store or act in reliance on it or any attachments. Instead, please email it back to the sender and then immediately permanently delete it.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by the sender of this email, this communication may contain privileged or confidential information which is exempt from disclosure under English law and this information may not be used or disclosed except for the purpose for which it has been sent.

One of my coworkers saw my new disclaimer and said that I should have just put: "Don't forward this to anyone, stupid!"... I think I agree with her!

Anywho, next time I send out an email to the staff... you may get a copy too! :)

Take care,


Heidi never received the email! 8-O said...

That was a good one. :D But, I think there should be some ramifications for those found to be in violation of the new Ryan Vaughan email disclaimer policy. I mean, it's a privilege for these people to be receiving any emails from you at all, right?! :D The addendum should be something along the lines of threats to make the wrong-doer stand behind Craig and Diana during the evening news segments wearing a very gaudy sign saying "I FORWARDED RYAN'S EMAIL." ... Unless of course it happened to be one of those two, in which case they should have to do the weather, while wearing the same sign.


Ryan said...

That's funny! I should make it a little more comical!

Jason H said...

At least E-mails don't get as bad as N.E Ark gossip... By the time it would get to the public there would be a Winter Storm Warning out.;-)

Weather Sarah said...

That's one smart co-worker... ;)

Anonymous said...

(((((Rolling in Laughter))))) and on it goes.
Heck Pet, you may as well lighten up, you`ve got a lot of years yet to travel this bumpy road!

Anonymous said...

As someone who did end up receiving the email, I loved it!! I understand why you wouldn't want it forwarded, but I did enjoy reading the "inside" scoop.

Anonymous said...

I think you should post that email on your blog so we could all enjoy it!!!