Monday, November 05, 2007

Global Warming... Excuse Me, I Mean "Climate Change"

People often ask me about Global Warming or what is now called "Climate Change." The term has recently been changed because people don't like having "Global Warming" Conferences canceled by extreme wintry weather... It does not "sound" right.

Anywho, here's my official stance. The Earth is warming. I have seen great evidence and research (from intelligent and credible sources) to suggest that the world is warming. The big question for me is the "WHY."

The Al Gore camp wants us to believe that there is a direct correlation to man, while other scientists believe it is a cycle. And, there are scientists that simply don't believe the Earth is warming at all.

I'm somewhere in the middle. I think the Earth is warming, but I don't know why. I think more people need to admit that they don't know why and maybe something can be accomplished. Here's are the TRUTHS:

  • Even if it is not man-made, what's wrong with cleaning the air?
  • Even if it is not man-made, what's wrong with not using oil anymore?
  • Politicians need to quit playing the role of scientist. It accomplishes nothing. This includes the "right" and "left".
  • It's hard to listen to folks that profit from the theory... Al Gore, Heidi Cullen, etc.
  • Every time you forecast a bad hurricane season and cite "Global Warming" as the cause, it will backfire on you. See Example 1 and then Example 2.
  • Finally, journalists need to be careful when they discuss Climate Change. When 1° matters, don't show a 12° discrepancy on LIVE TV like Matt Lauer did last night during the half-time show on SNF. Look at the graphic and then listen to what he says the temperature is at his location. It's the weather and not the climate, but you still need to cross your "t"s and dot your "i"s. See clip below... hmmm, fuzzy math.

NBC is "Going Green" all week. It will be interesting to see.... Take care, Ryan

PS- Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.


Heidi - LIVE from the Hill Country said...

I am going to try to say something about this without writing a novel. :)

... I think that I am in agreement with you, Ryan, in that there is enough evidence pointing to there being something "up." I am also not 100% sold on it being because of humans, which I guess is the real debate (90% sold is more like it! ;) I think the most convincing evidence I have seen that would support the idea that global industrialization is a key contributor would be a segment from Gore's An Inconvenient Truth that uses ice-core samples taken from somewhere in the Arctic region to provide a visual illustration for the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. I found that to be pretty compelling, combined with a lot of other factors. However I do think that there is a possibility that what we're experiencing could be a cyclical pattern ... or maybe both?? Regardless, I think that the real trouble begins when people -- whether in leadership positions or not -- but especially those with minimal understanding of the issue(s), and with little interest in exploring it to the end, start to form rock-solid opinions disguised as facts and then either form or join a crusade to supposr those pseudo-facts. There is always a danger in that, no matter the subject, because it too often means an end to the questioning process, with the focus ultimately shifting to the preservation of the crusade itself.

Jason H said...

I believe in global warming today simply because it is 80 in November. I will not believe in it come Tuesday morning.:-)...It's sad, but alot folks think like this !

Anonymous said...

Interesting to me to see mans brass in thinking he can fortell,that which the `Lord))Ooops `visioney word on the decline. Perhaps I should have said `Higher Power!
Anywho - has the first and last word on all world changes.
As for bettering, who could object to a nicer environment?

Vicki Lemonds said...

Regarding your list of "Truths", all I can say is a resounding AMEN!!!

Stacy said...

God made the world VERY resillient and VERY able to account for our horrific abuse of/to it. Just like our bodies can recover from a bowling ball being dropped on the foot or from a cigarette or from a few years' worth of cigarettes, continued abuse (and multiple abuses) add up.

I believe the Earth is in a sensitive place. We TOTALLY abuse it as God's creation. Our wealthy society is extremely wasteful and does NOT care for the world in the way that God intended us to. We've come up with every contraption and chemical to prevent us from doing any work and that cheating is gonna cost us.

On the flip side, the majority of tree-huggers have things very askew. They don't credit God with His creation and certainly don't believe His control over it all is the key.

Christians definitely need to become greener. For our own personal health if nothing else. We will not be as useful in God's kingdom work if we are sick & broke (we can talk healthcare crisis another day.)

So let's treat the earth MUCH better (which will save us all money) and praise God for His creation. If we seek His will in how to treat the earth & our bodies, I believe He would have a big change coming from what most of us are doing right now.

Stacy - a mostly crunchy, life-lover who knows all life comes from God and that, regardless of our thoughts on global warming, this world will end in fire one day :) In the meantime, let's treat it with the respect God desires it to have. If we are obedient to respect God's design, I believe He will bless us for it.

Stacy said...

Sorry for another comment - I just wanted to click the box to get follow-up comments :)

God-Loving Tree-Hugger said...

On the flip side, the majority of tree-huggers have things very askew. They don't credit God with His creation and certainly don't believe His control over it all is the key.

That's not fair. Many "tree-huggers" hold the wonders of nature so dear BECAUSE they appreciate the fact that God made it all. I have always felt closer to God when I'm present in the beautiful places He created than I ever have in a church made by man.

Stacy said...

I didn't say ALL tree-huggers ... just many -- at least many of the ones I know. I didn't mean to offend anyone and certainly would LOVE to see more Christians go green! So maybe I didn't come across the way I meant? Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "majority" since I haven't actually counted the number of "tree-huggers?" Whatever the case, I'm certainly not meaning to insult you. Keep up the great work!

"God-Loving Tree-Hugger" said...

No big deal. I just wanted to speak up for those of us who shouldn't be lumped in with the fringe loonies.

It really inspires me that climate change is becoming an issue that people of many religious, political, and cultural persuasions are finding common ground on. The planet needs more of that!