Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Watch NASA Live

It's still unclear if we will be able to see the shuttle as it flys over Arkansas, BUT it's decent will be right over our head. Watch NASA TV to see when it will be flying over. Keep in mind, this video feed is slightly delayed by a couple of minutes. Don't wait until the last second to go look for it! I'll be heading outside when it gets a couple of hundred miles away... We may be able to see the plasma trail and maybe a sonic boom!!! I sure hope so! That would be awesome!


If you get pictures or video, email me at


Heidi says WOW!!! said...

Sonic boom, 11:48am = AWESOME!!!

=D =D =D

Jason H said...

Yep, we heard it too. It was 12 o'clock on the dot here in Pocahontas.

nana & poppy said...

Your neighbor was showing it to us and you could see the trail behind it. It was pretty cool!!