Monday, November 26, 2007

Ice, Ice, Baby...

That was a horrible song, but I digress.

We are still several days out, but I found our weekend storm system interesting... so let's chat about some ice potential. This weekend we could see a band of freezing rain form somewhere out there. Right now, I think the greatest risk will be just to our North. The computer models are all over the place with this storm. The GFS from this morning looked the scariest... The temperature profiles had us in ICE through a good part of the event!

Do you remember what happened almost exactly 5 years ago? A major Ice Storm hit Arkansas and a large chunk of the country! Click here for a reminder. I remember it well because my oldest son was born on the tail end of the storm. Luckily the roads were not "too" slick as I drove from Paragould to Jonesboro!

Back to this weekend's storm... The reason I am thinking "ice" and not "snow" is that the freezing air will be really shallow if it develops. Above the freezing air will be warmer air. The liquid falls through the >32 degree air, then freezes at the surface that is at or below 32.

Once again, this is SEVERAL days out and a lot can change. The Earth still has to go around a few more times! I'll keep you updated. Right now, I am staying rather "conservative" on air...

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Jason H said...

Oh yes, I recall that storm very well. My wife and I went to Jonesboro and picked out a very nice animated snowman lawn figure...only to be smashed by a large limb from a tree in our yard the next evening.

It was wild. Every 10 min. or so you got to hear CRAAASHHHH. There went another tree limb. Power was out for 2 days at my house.