Monday, November 26, 2007

Brand New Radio Flyer!

Thanks to his Grand Daddy (P'Sam, as they call him), my son is rolling around in a 2007 model Radio Flyer! Our friends let us borrow a wagon, but we were afraid that 3 months of use would completely ruin it, so P'Sam took the honor of getting him some fresh wheels.

All of our family and friends have made this entire experience much easier. We really appreciate all of them. Even the family and friends that are hours away have given us advice and prayer, which has helped tremendously.

We got to go Church on Sunday. We just wheeled him into "Big Church" in the wagon. I don't think he liked all of the attention! He was very shy!

Anywho, my other son is doing well. He is adjusting to his brother being a little less mobile and has been pretty helpful. George has started to pull himself around on his arms to play with Shad. He's going to have great upper body strength when this is over! Here's my oldest son laying on the floor acting crazy beside his brother, while they watched TV! We've been doing more of that lately!
Take care,

PS- Later this afternoon I may have to write about some ice! You heard me right... stay tuned.


Jason H said...

I think your little man is starting to enjoy this.."by the look on his face".

Ice for Northeast Arkansas? It wouldn't be true winter without it. I don't mind sleet too much, but if your talking Freezing Rain. I don't want it,or need it. If you can make lightning, surly you can turn ice into snow. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol, Looks like Gramps came through.....arent parents wonderful?

Oh No!No Snow!
"Hog-Tie Mr. Jason"

Stefanie said...

Sure seems like he's lovin' those new wheels! Best wishes for a sweet recovery!

nana & poppy said...

The new wheels look cool. P-Sam is so awesome!! Please don't say the "I" word, we are still trying to get use to the cold weather!!

Heidi says send snow, not ice! said...

That's a pretty awesome ride right there.