Sunday, December 16, 2007

One More Snow Post...

The more I look at this storm, the more I realize how close it was too us! If you click on the picture, you will notice that we were right on the edge of some major snowfall! You may not know this, but it is extremely difficult to forecast a storm like this one and even harder to communicate your thoughts to the public. Overall, I am satisfied with our coverage and our forecast. Some places in "Region 8" got some snow... even it was not much. Some places got rain... and some of it was way TOO much.

While we are looking at this storm, here is another cool graphic to show... actually a warm graphic. Let me explain... This is the snow melt from today. We did not have much snow in Region 8, so the bright sunshine melted anything that was out there quickly. It probably melted in less than an hour. Here's the snow melt graphic:

Lastly... I had a man stop me tonight and tell me how awesome the snow was in our Northwestern counties. He was staying in Mountain Home and drove home today. He said it was just enough to cover the ground, but the roads were fine. I wish I had seen some pictures! Anyone? Anyone?

Well, the weather is going to warm up a little this week. It sure was nice to see the sun today!

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Jason H said...

You hit the forecast out of the park! It started to snow in Pocahontas around 9 Saturday night, so we took the kids riding around until it stopped "10 or so". They was really excited to see the snow. My son said to me... "daddy does this mean santa is on the way"?

O.k, when is the long term Christmas forecast gonna come ? We need something to talk about.:-D

Heidi said...

Growing up in a very snowy part of the country (western MD), I have seen some disasterous winter forecasts. Our local weather came out of Pittsburgh, PA, and back then they'd forecast as though the greater Pittsburgh area made up their entire audience (they're much more inclusive these days, I should say). Pretty frequently a 1-3" snow forecast turned into 8-12" for the mountains to the south. With that experience to draw from, we were very pleased with how you guys handled the forecast from the very beginning -- no matter how much pressure you received from, ahem, certain people to make it snow A LOT! ;) In any forecast, I think it's very important to make people aware of the variables that could determine which way things could swing, whether it's for a winter storm or severe weather. You guys always do a great job with that.