Friday, December 14, 2007

Something Like This...

After this weekend storm moves out of here, the snowfall totals may look somthing like this map. First off, look at how monsterous this storm is going to be for the country! Some places will get over a foot! Luckily Region 8 is not going to see that... unless something MAJOR changes! :)

I'm still thinking Jonesboro could see a dusting. If this occurs, it would be from the "wrap-around" moisture. This would take place in evening hours of Saturday. Some place to the North and Northwest, could see 1-2". Look how close the major accumulations are to us! That's a little too close for comfort!

In other news, the sun has finally returned at my house. It has been very hard to get the clouds to move out! We'll be on air again at 5:00 PM... Stay tuned!



Jason H said...

I am still predicting a 110% chance of a sleet storm W/ thunder...changing over to all snow tomorrow 8-10 inches here.

Looks like I may be only 75 miles off of that forecast. LOL

Me and the wife are really thinking about taking off to Branson/Springfield to go christmas shopping this weekend, just to see the snow. Man, I must have it bad.

Ryan said...

I call that "wishcasting" Jason! ;)

Vonavie said...

My kids are hoping for the dusting or a little more here in the Walcott area. We'll be watching your update at 5 p.m.

I haven't said much to them about a chance of snow. I don't want to deal with the dissappointment if we don't get any accumulation.

Thanks for all you do Ryan!

(P.S. One of our four is named Ryan.)