Friday, December 14, 2007

Forecast Still Looks Good...

The forecast for mostly rain in Jonesboro still looks good. In fact, you may have to go to Missouri to see any accumulation, which will still be light. I'm still thinking that the rain will start tonight after midnight and will last off and on through our Saturday. We'll see a brief changeover near the end, which may give the grassy areas a dusting.

If you live in Missouri (minus the Bootheel), you could see 1-2". Temperatures are going to be critical. Only 2-3° will mean everything! I'll be at the station tomorrow AM tracking the temperatures!



Jason H said...

The 2-3 degree thing still gives me hope there anyway everyone could be off a couple degrees and Pocahontas could hit 31/32 by late tonight and see Snow/Sleet instead of rain ?

Come on, give me a reason to stay up late tongiht.

Anonymous said...

Drake and Zeke are predicting WHITE DEATH 2007 for Saturday night. What do you think? G

p.s. I have to be in Blyvegas Sunday morning.

Heidi Farrar: Snowstorm Visionary said...

I'm making the Official Izard County Forecast right now. Jason H. may want to adopt this as the Official Randolph Co. Forecast too. Okay: It's going to be 28 degrees instead of 34, we're going to get 8" of snow, and I will spend all day Saturday making snow angels and drinking cocoa. And eating warm chocolate chip cookies. Just leave this one to us, Ryan. We got it.