Friday, December 14, 2007

Wet Or White?

If you watched earlier this evening, our "in-house" computer model (KAIT MicroCAST) was showing "some" snow for our northern areas, but left half of the viewing area with nothing. I still think that Jonesboro is not going to see much, BUT for those of you that are still looking for some snow AND need some hope... check this out:
This is the 00Z run of the GFS and it is really is impressed with the wrap-around moisture. Once again, the time spamp goes from right to left (backward!). According to this run, the rain starts Friday Night. We get "somewhat" dry-slotted around midday until the evening and THEN some wrap-around snow moves into Jonesboro. IF (and that is a big IF) this occurs, Jonesboro could get an inch of snow. For now, I'm sticking with our forecast, which is 1-2" in Missouri... dusting possible from Jonesboro to state line.
Stay tuned!

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