Thursday, January 31, 2008

8:30 Update & Snowbaby

There is some snow out there. John Dobson from Ash Flat says that he has picked up 0.75" in the last hour. There is also some freezing drizzle out there. Be careful. Accumulations will not be much, but possibly enough to make some slick spots. Here's the radar image at 8:30 PM. One added note... It sure does look stormy in Alabama!

Have a good evening,


PS- Check out this picture of a "Snowbaby" from 10 year old Jennifer Hendrix in Paragould. We need to try to find this girl some more snow! Great job Jennifer!

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Heidi said...

Young Jennifer gets the job done no matter the circumstances! - Nice! :D

We've had some new accumulation too, but not quite as much (yet) as John in Ash Flat.

At one point earlier this evening I counted 9 TVS icons at the same time on GR3 in the Mobile area! 3 tornado warnings at that time.