Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have had a ton of pictures! Most of them are being put on the KAIT website, but I wanted to share a few on here too. Who can beat snow cows, a snow princess, and some snowmen with a Barton's Storm TEAM umbrella!!!


Jeff Towell said...

Wow, i love the picture of the snow covered road. I am going to us it as my background on my computer. Where was it taken at?

Ryan said...


Franklin, AR

Jeff Towell said...

Thank you. I wished Manila was in the hills like Franklin and the Ash Flat area. Oh well. :-)

Jeff Towell

Heidi says it's snowing again! said...

That umbrella sure is huge! The Snow Farrars are lucky folks! :D

The shot of the snow-covered road shows one of the most difficult places on our road to traverse in ice/snowy weather. It's the last place to melt, and, being on a curve, makes for a very a slick slope! We've burned some rubber trying to make it up through there on more than one occasion!