Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Few More Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of the freezing fog from this morning. These pictures come from Jason Hampton in Randolph County. Within our viewing area today we had a high of 39 in Jonesboro and 61 in Mountain Home! That's quite a spread over such a relatively small area!

Have a great night!


Heidi said...

Boy oh boy, what a fantastic day it was up here in the hill country. It was one of those go-without-a-coat kind of days. I'd have never guessed what was going on in the Delta lands if Ryan hadn't been so diligent and blogged about it 12 times today! ;) You guys don't realize what a great day you missed! I really should have fired up the bar-b-que or thrown a picnic. In fact, I think I might could have used my GIGANTIC Barton's Umbrella as a shade from the sun; it can get pretty warm when you're out in it for very long, you know!

(Okay, I'm done! :D)

And nice photos, again!

Jason H said...

The ice/fog was pretty thick the closer you got to the river bottoms yesterday.

The temps sure was amazing yesterday could have had a B-B-Q with Heidi, or come 50 miles East and played in ice with me.

WOW is the winds gonna blow this week or what !?!?!?