Monday, January 28, 2008

Johnson Trial

The trial for Mitchell Johnson begins today. For those outside of Region 8, Mitchell Johnson is one of the shooters from the Jonesboro School shooting in 1998. He was released at age 21 because Arkansas did not have the laws in place to keep him any longer. He was a juvenile when the crime occurred.

A few months back, he was arrested again on drug and weapon charges. Of course, now he is an adult.

Region 8 News reporter, Will Carter, is in Fayetteville covering the trial. While in court, he will be blogging. You can click on that blog on the right side of my page.



Brian Tritch said...

What is the name of the blog he'll be using. I checked a few of them out but it wasn't the right ones... :P

Ryan said...

It's on our website, and linked on the right side of my blog...