Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maybe... Just Maybe

I'm still a little gun-shy after Tuesday morning, but there is a CHANCE of some flakes or sleet pellets tomorrow. The above image is the GFS in the overview window of BUFKIT. The time stamp goes from right to left.

The reason I think it is "possible" is because of the precipitation in Texas right now. It was not picked up well by any model. That precip' is heading in our direction, but it is coming into some really dry air. The GFS is the only model showing precipitation for us tomorrow, BUT it handled the Texas precipitation the best. Sometimes, you have to wait to get some signs... and the precipitation is Texas may be a little sign.

Regardless, it should not be much. If anything...anything at all... it would only be a dusting. Stay tuned. A warm-up is still expected by early next week.


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Heidi did not faint this time said...

Gee Ryan, why aren't you talking about next Thursday/Friday? I'd pay $$ to see you give a long-range forecast like that. Or, maybe you don't like to talk about the color that's just below fuschia on the GFS?

:D :D :D