Thursday, January 24, 2008

Craig Does Weather!


Here's a clip of Craig doing the weather at 5:00 this evening. I was SUPPOSE to be live in Paragould at a fund raiser for the Agape House, but our live microwave truck had some issues. Apparently an o-ring went bad or something...

In any case, Craig did a good job and it looks like he had fun with the temperature graphic that flies around Region 8! It's good that he has a sense of humor!

I made it back to the station before the 6:00 news, but I was driving back on a low tire. I guess when it rains, it pours. Enjoy the clip!



Anonymous said...

I think Craig better stick with doing the news and let you contiue on with the weather!!! It was too funny. I know Craig was elated that you made it back in time to do the weather at 6.

Heidi approves said...

Awww, you left out the best part! :P It was the pointed jump to his left to get out of the way of the high/low temp graphic that was award-winning stuff! Granted, this clip was good, but not the true Oscars moment.

Seriously though, it looks like Craig would come in handy if you were short-staffed during a severe event. He's got the skilz. :D

David said...

Deffinately used the DVR to rewind his weather spot, it was great!!! Is it cold on your end of the street? It is up here!!!

Clay said...