Friday, February 15, 2008

GameFace Radio

When I worked here the first time, I had to be at work at 9:00 am. I did not get to sleep in like I do these days. When I was up early, I would listen to Bud each morning on the radio and was even a regular caller.

Well... I don't get the chance to listen much anymore. I usually don't wake up until the show is off, but maybe I need to start setting the alarm clock for 8:00 to catch half of the show.

Bud called me the other day and said that I was mentioned on his show. Since then, I've had several other people comment about the comments from "Coach Patrick". For those that know the show, you know who Coach Patrick is... Here's the clip regarding me and the ASU Indians.

Have a great night,


Clay said...

Funny, so what is a "chief" meteorologist? Do you lead the pack of weather people at KAIT?
-Clay in Nashville

Ryan said...

No Clay... I'm actaully an Indian...LOL.

It means that I'm the one that gets called in to the GM's office when someone on our team screws up. LOL (I kid, kind of)

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Andrew said...

Now we know you never get called into the GM's office, because no one on your team ever messes up. And if they do, we just need to remember that "meteorologists" are humans too. No One's Perfect

Anonymous said...

That was pretty funny Bud-Ro!

Anonymous said...

Yeeee`Haaaaw! Boy Ryan, do your admirers `really have you pegged!!!
I`m right there at the top rooting for you and your crews admirable talents! *Smiling*

James' Mom said...

I know what somebody is getting for his, where did I put those turkey feathers?

Anonymous said...