Friday, February 15, 2008

Tornado Debris

If you found this debris in your front yard, you might just think it is some trash. But when you investigate a little further, you'll see that it is evidence of an powerful and horrific tornado.

The first two pictures are yearbook pages from Highland High School from a long time ago. These yearbook pages were found near Briar, MO. That's about 60-70 miles from Highland (which was slammed by the tornado last Tuesday.) I have lost the email that was attached to these picture, so I'm not sure who took them. I apologize.

The next two images are dental records. These dental records were found in Izard County, AR. They originated from a dentist in Cinton, AR. That's over 70 miles away. Clinton, AR was also slammed by the same tornado and recieved EF4 damage. These pictures were taken by Heidi Farrar.

These are some amazing pictures that show the magnitude of the storm. It's sad to see people's property blown miles and miles away...

Have a blessed night,

PS- Life is starting to calm down and I'll be back to blogging more soon. :)

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Heidi said...

I had another scavenger hunt over out property today and found even more stuff; this looks like it may have come from the Mountain View hospital. It's another sign-in sheet -- the first one I found is pictured with the dental X-rays. The first one has a date of Nov. 2001; the one I found today is very similar, but it says March 29, 2007. It has names and phone numbers on it. I'm going to see if I can cover some of our other neighbor's 600+ acres of pasture tomorrow before the rain gets here. I want to find something else that pins down a location, like that envelope with the X-rays.

Also, there is sheet metal at least as far north as northeast of Franklin!

Those yearbook pages are astounding, too!