Friday, February 01, 2008

Let's Clear This Up...

Too many people are going around town saying that we were forecasting higher amounts of snow in Jonesboro. Here is a clip from the 6:00 News on Wednesday night. I showed that the National Weather Service had issued a heavy snow warning, BUT we had a more conservative forecast than them.

Many radio stations (I won't say names) around the region were taking the NWS forecast and reading it on the air. THAT WAS NOT THE FORECAST FROM KAIT.

This is not me bashing the NWS or the radio stations. We just happened to have different forecasts with this storm. There are many times when the tables are turned and I'm wrong. It's the nature of the business.

The NWS offices that we work with in this area are AWESOME and I do not want to come across like I am boasting. At the same time, I do not want to be misquoted. Even some spouses from our KAIT employees are misquoting me!!! LOL

Below is the Top Story in the 6:00 News from Wednesday night. The proof is in the pudding. Our forecast was pretty darn close!

I'm done blowing off some steam!


Jason H said...

Ryan, if you would have been wrong I would have been the first one on here giving you heck.:-)

You was right on the money. You couldn't have been more close than what you was.

I have followed the N.W.S for some years now, and I have learned alot of time they will give there forecast based on the worst case scenario, especially on Winter storm events. In some cases that helps us out alot more than it hurts us. They give a great forecast in letting us all know what could happen in keeping us all safe.

Heidi, er, I mean, Hi-YAH said...

Well, lucky for you that the Jonesboro Police have had their riot training thingy already (on the news this evening, remember?). If things get any more out of hand with these disgruntled weather-receivers, you'll know who to call!

Or, how about this? Maybe you should start providing your public with a the highly-accurate 10-day forecast and speak passionately about the likelihood of blizzards or floods or earthquakes or pyroclastic flows or UFO/Sasquatch/Nessie/White River Monster sightings after day 5! OR, you could just show the GFS precip graphic for every run after 72 hrs! Sounds like fun. I think you should. But there would have to be some random sound-effects, like the old-time car horn aw-oooo-gah, and harp sounds for fair weather. This would cause all of Region-8 to smile.

Or you could learn Karate.

(*shakes head*) :D

David Spritz said...

I hope nobody has been throwing big gulps and sandwiches at you over this misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

It is ok to blow off steam every once in a while, it makes everyone feel better.
I always depend on Kait8 for the weather and can always count on the forecast. I think you all did a wonderful job with the winter weather problems we recently experienced.
The night of the snow, I was flipping through the channels and a meterologist from Little Rock - I think on Channel 7 was giving the forecast and was suppose to be saying snow and was saying tornado instead - it was obvious that he was just reading from a written out forecast. It was hilarious when he realized what he said, but he never tried to correct the mistake.

Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

I also always depend on K8 for weather. People that are saying it was wrong couldnt have watched you because it was right on target. Your accumulation for my area was right on and the NWS was saying 7-10 inches and you said around 1 which was right. I appreciate everything you guys do. You stressed and stressed it was all going to depend on the temp. variation and it did. I do not think you could have done any better.