Friday, February 01, 2008

Next Storm System

Sometime between Monday Night and Tuesday a cold front is going to sweep through Region 8. As data comes in, it is starting to look more and more like a Tuesday event. This is good!!! This means that we may see less rain on Monday, but still be close to 70°!

Two key computer models, the GFS and NAM show the front to come through on Tuesday. Here is the GFS at noon, with some homemade drawing from myself.

If you look at the GFS in the BUFKIT program (below), you can see a few features. Remember, the timeline goes from right to left. I have plotted the temperature, dewpoint, surface-based CAPE, elevated CAPE, precipitation, and clouds. We look at many more things through this program, but I don't want to get too geeky on you.

Some things to note... Temps near 70° on Monday. CAPE over 1700 j/kg on Monday PM. Sharp temperature drop on Tuesday afternoon, indicating the cold front.

We may see the CAPE (instablity) outrun the front. That's a simple way to say that all the ingredients aren't "meshing" exactly together, but I'm still expecting some strong storm Monday night into Tuesday. If you look at the forecast sounding and indices for 3:00 AM in the moring on Tuesday, you can see some impressive numbers. For example:

CAPE: over 1,200 (not too shabby for February)

Lifted Index (LI): -5.4 (anything under -4 flags strong storms)

Total Totals (TT): 57 (anything over 50 flags strong storms)

There are some limiting factors. First, if it times out like this... the worst part of the storm would come through late at night. Storms typically weaken at night...typically. Also, the greatest instablity and dymanics are not meeting up at the same time. This could change.

I expect the SPC to put us in a "Slight" risk. As of now, we are only mentioned in the day 4-8 outlook. We'll watch the event unfold.

I'm going to sleep. I have to be up early for the Chili Bowl! It's the Chili Cookoff at the Greene County Fairgrounds tomorrow. The public can come between 11-3. You can eat cheap and all of the money goes to Mission Outreach! Also, "Mike's Chair" will be playing!!! My wife says they are awesome! Come on out!



Heidi just got a 2GB card for her camera! said...

Tuesday looks like it could be more than slightly interesting. The 18Z run has looked pretty impressive on both the WRF & the GFS for a few days now. I am kind of expecting a moderate risk day Tuesday. It looks like two rounds though, about 12-18 hrs apart, wouldn't ya say? - Hopefully Monday night isn't too bad so we can get some sleep before the main event! :-/

You need to tell us about the Chili Bowl now!

Jason H said...

Heidi thay did put us under the Moderate Risk ,and thay could go up to a High Risk tomorrow. Looks like there could be a few super cells ahead of the front tomorrow afternoon!