Monday, February 04, 2008

Severe Weather Threat

Hey folks. There is a chance for a major severe weather outbreak across the region tomorrow. I'm kind of busy right now, but I hope to talk more about it later this evening.

Keep my Dad in your prayers. He's having knee replacement right now. Thanks!



Diane J. said...

Praying for your Dad, Ryan.

Watching the weather, too. I happen to know that the Wood Ford Storm Tracker has new tires and should be in good shape for any storm chasing on Tuesday. You met my brother in law today, Charles H. when he met you to exchange vehicles after he took the WFST to have new tires installed.

I kiddingly told him he should have brought it by so I could take some pics and kid that I was holding the WFST for ransom. ;o)

Hope it doesn't get too bad, but it's looking more intense for Tuesday with each new set of data that comes out.

Y'all stay safe, Ryan.



PS: Tell your sis Jen that I said "Hi!"

Andrew said...

Ryan how is your dad doing? I know what he is going through, I have had 2 shoulder replacements myself. I know its winter but tell him THE ICE BAG IS HIS FRIEND!!!
Please tell him to take care and the Sloan's wish him a speedy recovery!